Middle Earth Tiles lovingly craft our tiles by hand in our Warkworth factory north of Auckland. We use clay from the surrounding areas to create something truely unique and beautiful, perfect for any interior or exterior space you are looking to bring vibrancy and that little something special.

The Middle Earth Tiles New Zealand Collection

Hand Made NZ Glazed Tile

Hand Made NZ Terracotta Tile

The Middle Earth Tiles Imported Collection

Imported Glazed Tile

Imported Glazed Mosaics

Terra Clinker

Since our ancestors lived in caves we have used colour to brighten up our lives and our surroundings. This human behaviour is so ingrained that the idea of colour affecting our mood is more universally accepted than any other human theory. Yet more and more we are seeing so called "experts" telling people that innate truth doesn't apply in your home. For them they wonder why would you want a colourful home that will lift your spirits and become the envy of your friends when you can have the colour Beige throughout your house... or a dull Grey. 

We say love the environment you live in. Be proud of who you are, and if your heart really sings out for Grey, we have some stunning hand glazed grey tiles (or beautiful Clinker floor tiles) that will make you the most stylish person in your neighbourhood.


But I'm sorry, we just can't do Beige!