Gres de Breda have been making tiles at their factory between Barcelona and Valencia in Spain for over forty years. TerraKlinker tiles are used successfully in different sectors, including housing, the hospitality industry, public landscaping, and more. TerraKlinker tiles stand out for their distinctive texture and premium quality. The tiles are highly valued for their sturdiness, anti-slip quality and resistance to frost and low temperatures. The TerraKlinker range is also unique in its wide range of sizes, four distinct colours and special pieces, all made of natural stoneware.

250x250 rounded corner tiles in Natural with Blue inserts

330x330 bullnose A tiles in Natural

Pool edge tiles in Basalto

330x330 tiles in Natural

"We're beyond happy with the product and the service. You would use Middle Earth Tiles again if the occasion allowed itself!" - Jane Swinburne