Recommended next steps for purchasing replacement Pool, Step or Sill tiles

Step 1

Check if your tile has the distinctive duck bill curved end. 

Check if your tile is 16mm thick (measure at the back of the tile - the opposite end to the curve)

Step 3

If Duck Bill, Thickness, Width and Colour look good then please email your name and delivery address along with a photograph of your tile to

Please indicate the width and colour that you wish to order along with how many packs of eight tiles you require. 

Step 2

If step 1 looks good please review the photo gallery below to see if any of the tiles in stock will meet your requirements from a colour point of view

Step 4 

We will confirm we have the tile you require in stock via email and include an invoice confirming the cost of the tiles plus GST and the cost of delivery to your delivery address. 

Once the invoice has been paid we will despatch the tiles out to you.