Finding replacements for broken pool or step tiles

We still have pool and step tiles left in stock

This can be a very frustrating exercise. In this section of our website we will try and make things a little easier for you.

We will show you the shape and colour of pool and step tiles that we supply which will allow you to quickly assess if we have a replacement tile for you. 

Why is it so hard to find replacement tiles ?

For many, many years Middle Earth Tiles was the only locally based manufacturer of this type of tile. Now the tiles are all made offshore. 

Most other tile sellers in NZ would go to suppliers every year or two and get the best tiles (at the best price) that were available at that time. They bring in a few containers of tiles and sell them until they ran out. 

Then they repeat the process, go to market, get the best tile at the best price and bring in new stock. 

Sometimes the stock would come from a new supplier in new shapes, colours and sizes. This is where the frustration in finding replacement tiles stems from.

Every few years the shapes, colours and sizes change completely. 

If you are building a new pool or have to replace all of your tiles then we recommend popping a healthy stack of spares in the pool shed as the problem may occur again in the future. 

Tiles made in Warkworth

Broadly speaking the tiles fall into the colour bands shown in the photograph As you will see in the following photographs our stock has nice variation in the colours. 

The last tiles to be made came out of the Warkworth factory in 2022. We no longer manufacture pool or step tiles.

This means that we are working our way through our stock and we will eventually run out. 

We sell the pool tiles in packs of 8 tiles

Our long term solution for new pool and step projects

We now exclusively import pool and step tiles from a factory in Spain.

Using traditional extruded clay they have been making the same size, shape and colour tiles since the last century. 

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