What are Natural Terracotta tiles? 
Natural unglazed fired clay tiles are often called Terracotta tiles, which literally means, "cooked earth”. Because this type of tile was so popular, any brownish-orange colour has also been called Terracotta.  Basic materials of natural clay and fire are used to create beautiful and durable terracotta paving and wall tiles. 

What is the history of Natural Terracotta tiles? 
Fired clay tiles had their origin as many as 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. They became popular in Western Europe during the Middle Ages —the rust-coloured tiles were quite popular in the ancient monasteries in England, while artisans in Spain and Portugal added a colourful touch by hand-painting the tiles in bright colours to suit their sunny climate.

Quarry tiles and Natural Terracotta tiles are basically the same thing (quarry meaning "square" from the French term quarrel).

Why Natural Terracotta tile? 
To make pure Natural Terracotta tiles clay is moulded into shapes which are then fired at up to 1350c in a kiln, with nothing added but water. The terracotta colour comes naturally from the colours of the clay as well as firing techniques and temperature. 
These are natural terracotta tiles with colour all through the tile. These natural colours are often replicated in glazed tiles where a terracotta colour is painted onto the tiles. These imitation tiles do not have the benefits and attributes of Natural Terracotta tiles. 

What are the benefits of Natural Terracotta Tiles? 
With softened, irregular edges, a pleasing surface texture and the flamed colour tones, Natural Terracotta Tiles bring back the welcoming atmosphere of country floors. 

Terracotta Tiles are used both indoors and outdoors

The "Little Black Dress" of tiles. Classic Lines, Classic Colour, (with tones) High Slip Rating that never lets you down.  


300x100 Terracotta Flooring

Classic Size. Classic Look. Traditional Herringbone Pattern

Manufactured by our colleagues in Thailand. Finished in Warkworth

Hexagonal Floor Tile - Drying after being sealed at our factory in Warkworth
155mm Flat Edge to Flat Edge
180mm Point to point
Manufactured by our colleagues in Thailand.
Finished in Warkworth

Stunning use of Terracotta Roof Tiles

160x60x08 Terracotta
160x60x08 Terracotta

Honeycomb Terracotta Cobbles

150x75 Terracotta (160x60 sized tiles also available) 

Terracotta Wall

Beautiful NZ Made Terracotta

Available in 100x100x14 mm format.

Stunning variation in colour. 

We won't be making any more of these so if you like them do please let us know. 

Laterite - Smaller Terracotta Tiles

Our Laterite Tiles come in various sizes and shapes. The colour is a mix of shades in each box. Tiles should be laid out on the floor before laying to make sure that the distribution of the colour variation is to your liking. All Laterite tiles tend to be on the smaller size with the largest being a 150x150 square. 

Examples of some of our smaller Terracotta Tile Colours

Legacy Tile Sizes

We are no longer producing tiles in the following formats but do have a few left which are still available to purchase.

  • 100x100 - As in the previous picture - New 100x100 now in stock

  • 150x75 (Sold Out) - 160x60 now in stock

  • 230x75 (Sold Out) - 230x70 arriving soon

  • 250x250

  • 300x150 (Sold Out) - 300x100 Now in stock

  • 310x150

  • Bullnose

  • Sill Tiles

We continue to offer Terracotta Tiles in many other sizes