NZ Glazed Terracotta Bricks

We are very excited to announce that we are now able to offer a range of Terracotta Bricks that we will be hand glazing here in New Zealand at our Warkworth factory. 

The range features two unique breeze block shapes, two small decorative motif bricks and a range of small, medium sized solid bricks and a larger brick with internal ventilation vents. 

All bricks are glazed on a single side and will be available in a range of colours.

This breeze block is glazed in Metallic Skin

NZ Glazed Terracotta Brick
Solid 200x50x40 - 100 Bricks to a Square Meter

Reinventing the Breeze Block

The Breeze Block is 250 tall, 120 long and 80 thick.
Colour shown is Sterling Moss.

The Motif Brick is 160x50x40 and glazed colour is Coke. 

The bottom brick is known as "Interesting little grooved brick". 140x65x40. Sterling Moss.

Bigger Glazed Bricks